About Us

The Lending Company provides short term lending solutions largely to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and self-employed individuals. Operating since 2010, we have extensive experience in providing a range of secure loan products with repayment terms carefully designed to suit clients’ requirements enabling them to achieve their business and personal goals.

We recognise the important contribution that SMEs make to a growing economy and how essential high liquidity levels are to boost a company’s viability. With that in mind, our focus is on providing short -term loans to ease cash flow constraints by filling in the payment gaps in trade transactions and in so doing assist businesses to run smoothly.

Our overriding aim is to be the lender of choice by consistently and reliably meeting the finance needs of borrowers through offering the right products and services.

Our vision

To be the alternative lender of choice.

Our mission

To meet the financial needs of borrowers by continuously inventing products and services that enable them to meet their objectives whilst providing shareholder value and return.